Medicare Advantage Plan: Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting One Pt 1

Medicare Advantage Plan: Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting One Pt 1

It was an emotional meeting with a couple at the kitchen table, while tears ran down their faces. The man was very ill, was losing weight very fast due to digestive problems, and had very excruciating headaches that made his life seem the only way to live without pain. To say that they are afraid would be a euphemism. The doctors who are administering your current Medicare Part C were not able to diagnose the problem. They only prescribed several medications, which worsened their predicament. In addition to your medical issues, the plan rejected medical exams to diagnose the issue. It was 2011, in the month of October; while in tears, they inquired: “What options do we have?”

For that situation, we decided together that it was in your interest to switch to a Medicare Supplement Policy (MediGap) that would allow you to visit a facility or physician who accepts Medicare, with a “health status” and Partially Prescribed Drug Policy. D. “It was imperative that he could find the best of the best in all regions of the country: we chose an additional policy F and a carrier that would allow him to move from a less expensive and expensive without proof of insurance. You could avoid this problem? An emphatic yes. Here are some of the mistakes that people have made and the solutions that will guide you in choosing the right option for you:

ERROR # 1: Who are you working with?

* Work with a “proprietary insurance agent” (i.e. direct employment with the carrier, usually W2, bonuses and/or commissions) or work with an “independent career agent” (1098 contracted with the carrier and the cables provided). This last term can be really disconcerting. They are considered independent, but if they turn to another insurer as legitimate for the participant, the contract can be rescinded at will. What incentive will the agent have if he loses his main source? Another mistake is working with an agent who is not certified to market all types of medicare advantage plans 2020 health policies such as those found here Only some additional Medigap policies can be marketed without certification. Go to the insurer directly. If something happens next, it will be helpful to have a lawyer by your side, especially a visible lawyer, who lives and works in your community.


Select an independent insurance representative that represents more than one insurance company. Because is what? The reason is because independent agents know the advantages and disadvantages of all policies and will be able to transmit that information so that you can make an informed choice. They receive compensation from insurers, but they are not loyal to any particular company. Also, try the companies that force their “independent agents” to sign an exclusive agreement. This usually happens with the Medicare/Medicaid policies or “Double Eligible Policies”. Would the agent be “non-partial” again if it were contractually obligated to market only one policy? Select a Medicare certified agent that can market MediGap, Part C and D policies. They also benefit from additional training and supervision.