Medicare Advantage plansMany private insurance companies provide different types of medicare supplement plans that not only differ in their cost but also in the benefits they provide. The most commonly sold Medicare Supplement plan in plan F, as it consists of almost all the amenities and benefits a medicare plan could offer.  Confused about rates?  Get enrolled by visiting They basically bridge the gaps that were left out by the original medicare. Here is a list of certain medicare supplement plans in Washington state.


  1. AARP Plan A

This plan is a bit costly and charges an annual deduction of part A priced at $1,364 and part B of $185. Like almost all Medigap policies, the user has the freedom to choose any doctor that accepts medicare patients. they are not restricted by a boundary. A major disadvantage is that they do not have a maximum out-of-pocket limit, which increases your extra expenses by a factor of 2. It provides a free of cost outpatient lab, Xray, as well as radiology. They do not charge for a skilled nursing facility for the first 20 days.


  1. Humana Medicare Supplement plan A

As like most of the Medigap policies it does not consist of part D of the medicare, that is prescription drugs. You do have to pay a minimal amount while visiting an emergency room which would be later settled by the insurance company. The plan provides a no-charge in-hospital coverage for up to 365 days. Additional services like dental, vision etc are not covered.


  1. Regence Blueshield Medicare Supplement Plan N

This plan offers lower copays in turn for paying a certain amount for doctor visits. It charges up to $20 for an office visit. The plan does not include excess charges. You do not have to pay anything for preventive care or hospice service. The plan charges a deductible amount of $0 for part A and $185 for part B. it provides $0 copay ambulance services, urgent need services as well as emergency services. The plan provides skilled nursing facility with all free of cost for the first 100 days.


  1. Humana Medicare Supplement Part G

This plan offers a better value when compared to others annually. It covers a fully paid inpatient hospital coverage for up to the first 100 days. They also provide free home health care at a copay of $0 after part B has been deducted. The plan covers excess charges charged by doctors and services. It fully pays for it and reduces your pocket expenses. The plan also pays for a foreign travel emergency.